MGB Trivia

What is the utility of the single, unused, phillips head screw in the engine bay of the 1973 MGB?  This appears just to the left of the coil.  POST YOUR RESPONSE USING THE COMMENT FEATURE.

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5 Responses to MGB Trivia

  1. Dave Renner says:

    I was told that is where the factory attached a spare key when the car was new!

  2. Ron Redding says:

    Everyone knows this is the screw that holds the car together!

  3. jyouens says:

    I don’t know but it makes sanding and painting the engine compartment trickier. 🙂

  4. txdon23 says:

    The screw is painted orange in this car, and is about 3 inches left of the silver strap holding down the coil.

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