Year of the B

2012 is the Year of The B
When the last MGB rolled from the production line in Abingdon on the 22nd of October, 1980, it ended an era of sports car motoring that began there over 18 years before.   The production stopped but the driving never will.  

The models we celebrate include the MGB, MGC, MGB GT V8 and both Roadster and GT models.  It has been 50 years since the first MGB rolled off the line.

The factory paint colors included at least 59 different shades of black, blue, grey, white, yellow and red.  In the first year of production, there were only 6 colors:  Tartan Red, Iris Blue, Chelsea Grey, Old English White, Black and British Racing Green.

                           ROADSTER                                                          GT
49,810 336,979 386,789 64,907 60,416 125,323 512,112
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One Response to Year of the B

  1. jyouens says:

    That is a beautiful photo of the Myers’ gorgeous B!

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