Identify this M.G.

From the archives of the Houston MG Car Club…this M.G. was displayed in a club show at a shopping mall in 1981.  If you can identify the car or the mall, please use the COMMENT feature of this page.  You can click on the photo to enlarge.

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5 Responses to Identify this M.G.

  1. Bob Wehnert says:

    Does look like a 1931 D type midget – 4 seats. 250 cars were made in 1931

  2. jyouens says:

    It looks a lot like a D-Type Midget that is shown on the “MGs Through the Ages” poster.

    • txdon23 says:

      They are very similar. I see that the bottom of the door on the D-Type is a bit higher than the F1. Also, the louver treatment on the front dam and the bonnet sides on the F1 are different than the D’s.

  3. Cragg Eubanks says:

    I remember the car. It belonged to an architect who also had a P-type racing special. I don’t remember his name, and all my info is boxed up in storage at the moment. It is either an “L” or “F” Magna. The location is in the old Westbury Sqaure shopping mall.

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