1973 MGB Engine Issue

Engine is freshly rebuilt and been running good. After a strong 10 mile run, the engine died and would not restart. Spark from electronic ignition is assured with both 1 plug and distributor plug to coil. Tried a new coil, new rotor with same result. Checked vacuum lines. Fuel is assured to carbs. What would you try next?

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3 Responses to 1973 MGB Engine Issue

  1. Ron5R says:

    Wait. Skip gets to put hands on for a solution and the rest of us have to solve it blind?

  2. txdon23 says:

    The problem was simply a stuck piston on the rear carb. (No gas to engine) Skip said there was sign of a heavy oil there.

  3. Egold56 says:

    Ignition wire grounded. Timing chain slipped. No gas to engine distributor gear not engaged

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