November Club Event – Nov. 3

November Event – Visit to Old Iron Works

Our November event is a visit to Old Iron Works, a restoration facility located at 15030 Liberty Street in Montgomery, Texas (the physical location is at the intersection of 149 /Liberty and Lone Star Parkway/TX 2854, about a mile north of 105). We will meet at Old Iron Works on Saturday, November 3rd at 10 am. This business is owned by Richard Mitchell, an avid collector and restorer. He has a large number of beautiful machines to see.

While the bulk of Mr. Mitchell’s collection is 1930s vintage American classics, one of the vehicles which we specially requested to see is a rare Austin-Healey 100-4 M he owns. W e will be joined by the Austin-Healey Club for this event.

This event was suggested by Roger Sykes and his description of the facility follows:

The Old Iron Works is a restoration/display facility unlike most any of us has ever seen. More like a hospital than a fancy garage, there are no borderline wrecks hulking in corners and no musty bins of strange and wonderful spares in various stages of decay. The display store front is what you would expect: the garage is not. Well lit and spotlessly clean, it has enormous working areas. In a word, it is what we all wish we could afford to support our own automotive fantasies. Come see what an unlimited budget can do.

However, there is a warning to be on time to see the Pebble Beach quality automobiles on display. Mike Woodward, who is also a member of the Triumph club, recently went to Old Iron Works with them. But, much to his dismay, here was his experience:

Dear Dave,

Unfortunately I arrived too late to get inside so I could only look through the windows and talk to the other club members who arrived on time!! The general comments were that the cars inside, that were part of the collection, were worth the trip on their own. The facility was deemed to be second to none but maybe a bit pricey for Triumph – and dare I say MG guys. So in a nutshell, (this is the) place to go to look at some great cars and a world class restoration facility.

Safety fast!


So in a nutshell, be on time to see this unusual facility and the premium classics which have been restored here. Afterwards, we will convoy to a charming restaurant nearby to nourish our bodies and discuss the feast our eyes have enjoyed.


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2 Responses to November Club Event – Nov. 3

  1. jyouens says:

    We could caravan from my house. 🙂

  2. txdon23 says:

    Check back soon for information about a caravan to this event. Anyone interested?

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