Fall GOF in LaGrange



LAGRANGE, TX – OCTOBER 11-14, 2012

This is to remind HMGCC members about the Fall Gathering of the Faithful. This year’s GOF is in nearby LaGrange, Texas and several HMGCC activities are planned in conjunction with the GOF. You can find registration forms and a list of GOF activities at www.tmgr.org . To begin, John and Nancy Youens will be leading a caravan from Montgomery on Thursday. Dwight and Candy Dawson, and separately, Keith Ryder, will also be leading caravans on Friday. If you would like to join a caravan, please call John or Dwight or Keith for details. HMGCC members will be meeting at the Best Western hotel lobby at 5:30pm on Friday, October 12 to drive a short distance to a local restaurant. Following the restaurant, several club members are planning a unique evening out at a local LaGrange venue called The Bugle Boy.

Here is where you may want to take action. The Bugle Boy calls itself a “listening room” and features live entertainment. On Friday, the band is “3 Penny Acre” from Fayetteville, Arkansas. They play mainly Ozark inspired music, however, one of their hit songs is “Old Speckled Hen”. You can listen to the song on UTube. And yes, the song is about the beer. The Bugle Boy only accommodates 80 and it is advised that you buy your tickets online ahead of time. Tickets cost $15 each and are available at www.thebugleboy.org .

Finally, John and Nancy Youens are sponsoring two driving events on Saturday after the car show. The MG car show itself is Saturday at 10 am and takes place around the Historic LaGrange court house. We look forward to seeing you in LaGrange. If you have any questions, please call Greg Ulrich at 281-578-2540.

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