Enviable Find, Part 2

(from returning member, Bruce Varley from Beaumont:)
Hi Dwight,

I’m glad to be back in the fold once again.  I’ve been missing having an MG since the last resto project MGA a few years ago.  I had a Jensen Healey, which is a “superior” car to an MGB – more room, 140 hp, rarity, but it just didn’t elicit the same feeling as the series of MGs I’ve had the privilege of care-taking.   My friend from work had offered me this particular car several times, but the timing was never right.  Either there were three sports cars already in the drive and another two lounging in the garage, or I just didn’t have the will to take on another restoration project.  Jay is moving to his new retirement digs on lake Conroe and I had sold the JH back in November.   He caught me at the right time and we closed the deal this past Friday.  The MGB was loaded onto a flatbed wrecker and was delivered about 40 minutes later to our newly cleared garage.  Veronica (my very dear wife) has resigned herself to the idea of a parade of elderly sports cars passing through the driveway and garage, as long as she can park her Honda out of the weather.
So a new adventure begins.   I think this is the 18th MG (if imperfect memory serves) and a nice closing of the circle of MGBs; the first car I bought with my own money was a 1965 MGB, purchased in 1971 in my freshman year at UH.
Cheers indeed!!  and thanks for posting the photo.
The original sport wheel: a $50 option and the wooden shift knob $3.75 option.
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