Play Day Draws Rare Arnolt

The Club’s 6th annual MG Play Day featured some MG’s we do not see often.  This very rare 1953 MG Arnolt Bertone Coupe was one.  In ORIGINAL, un-restored condition, with very low miles, this TD-framed beauty was shown by new member, Craig Burchsted.  He disclosed that the car has some panels in aluminum and is only 40 pounds heavier than the TD.  arnot arnot1 arnolt.front

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4 Responses to Play Day Draws Rare Arnolt

  1. Dave Renner says:

    This is an extra rare example because it was owned by the fellow who created the idea of building this unique car, “Wacky” Arnolt himself. What a special vehicle it is.

  2. John Youens says:

    Beautiful car! Unfortunately, I missed the show this year because I was returning from a week-long vacation in the Texas Hill Country in my TC. Hopefully I’ll get to see the Arnolt soon!

  3. Wayne & Isabel Hardy says:

    Craig has had some interesting cars over the years.. The funny little grey coloured Convertible Woleseley that was given away as part of a Heinz food promotion years ago in GB ( this was a mini with a trunk and proper vertical radiator) and one show back at the old traders village, he came with an old BMC race support vehicle bus that he had acquired and driven down from New England somewhere. He also had a very sporty street racer Mini for a period of time which considering that he is a big man, he must have worn to the car show. Glad we finally got him as a member of HMGCC.

    Wayne Hardy Diboll TX.

  4. Glynn Knight says:

    Beautiful car (the Arnolt). As a new member, enjoyed seeing all the cars and visiting with folks. My ’77 MGB is currently at a paint and body shop getting the tender loving care it needs. Hope to have it soon.

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