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  1. txdon23 says:

    Leslie, welcome to Houston! Our Club is open to all and we have a friendly mixed group of all types of MG lovers. Come on out to any meeting or event. There is no driving event on the 4th of July. On this blog, you can view the OFFICIAL CLUB CALENDAR. On June 22 at 2 pm there is a party for a 60 year old MG – TD in Katy off Fry Rd. On July 13 we will have an indoor Pinewood Gran Prix race (think Cub Scout racers) at a place inside the Loop. Our next meeting is July 3 at Christie’s Seafood Restaurant on Westheimer. Socialize, eat, etc. 6 pm, light meeting at 7 pm. Membership is not required to attend most functions.

    Please call or write and I’ll help you get started with the Club.

    Dwight Dawson

  2. Leslie Brian says:

    I am new to Houston,live in Humble. Any club plans for the 4th? I also would like to attend the next meeting. Are females who love and own MG’s welcome or is mostly couples?

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