This just in from the TMGR: Urgent Press Release

For Immediate Release
Harold Triboon
Press Secretary, TMGR
Classified Memos Discovered
Fort Meade, Maryland – June 27, 2013 – Recent revelations have uncovered a government surveillance program aimed at uncovering facts about the Texas MG Register. Some highly classified memos have been leaked and have come into our possession through certain channels.  Recognizing the significant risk of doing so, we are still willing to share what we have uncovered with you, the TMGR membership. Click the following link to see what has been exposed via the blatant invasion of our privacy by members of our own government:  You must realize that what we are reporting is fair and balanced.  And you know it must be true if you read it on the internet.
top secret memo
Should any real government official be tempted to read reality into any of these shenanigans, we assure you it is all meant in fun.
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