August 24 Event Cancelled…See NEW EVENT on August 17!

Stop the presses!!!

Summer heat cancels buffalo bayou boat rides  (per David Renner)

The extreme heat this summer has cause cancellation of several scheduled bayou excursions and changed the summer calendar for more. As a result, our August 24 cruise event has been put on hold and a different plan of action has been announced.

What was one of the most important and life altering machines ever created you say? Besides your MG of course? The Gutenberg Press with its moveable type made written communication quick and affordable and led directly to publication of The Roars. The rest is history.

Where you ask could I ever see the Gutenberg Press in Houston? Or at least a full sized, functioning replica? Glad you asked. Come to the Museum of Printing History, 1324 W Clay, on Saturday, August 17 at 10 am and see that history altering device and many other milestones in the history of the printed word such as these:

Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals
Ancient Papyrus Fragments
Asian Movable Type & early Asian Printing
Illuminated Manuscripts
1450 Gutenberg Press Replica
Old Master Etchings & Engravings
Ben Franklin’s “Pennsylvania Gazette”
Historical Newspapers
Documents printed by Samuel Bangs, first printer in Texas, with one of his presses
1830 Star-wheel Oak Lithography Press
Letterpress & Type Collection
Antique Bookbinding Equipment

From the museum, at 11:30 am, it is only a short drive to the ever popular Red Lion Pub, 2316 S Shepherd Dr. for fish and chips or whatever your favorite English pub fare might be for lunch. Come visit the past and enjoy the present with the HMGCC driving and dining club.

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