Rally to Vintage Racing ~ Sat. September 7

mgrace                  Meet us at Cy-Fair High School at 7:45 am (use Telge exit off 290) we will travel to the Youens for an 8:30 am departure, via the back roads, to the Texas Speedway. Or, drivers can simply get to the Youens on their own for the 8:30 start.

Our plan is to watch races in the morning, explore the Pits, have lunch and visit an interesting machine shop (that speaks M.G.)  We will start back to Houston before 5 pm.

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5 Responses to Rally to Vintage Racing ~ Sat. September 7

  1. Hank says:

    Any chance you could post the route, I live up north and it would be nice to meet you guys somewhere along the route, rather than coming south and back tracking.

  2. Glynn Knight says:

    See you Saturday morning at Cy Fair HS.


  3. jyouens says:

    My neighbor was exercising his (genuine) ’65 Shelby Mustang race car around the neighborhood yesterday. In other words, he was rolling around just off idle making some incredible music. 🙂 I suspect it will be at CVAR on Saturday.

  4. Wayne & Isabel Hardy says:

    Please spend lots of time in the paddock looking at the pretty and fast cars!!! The owners love to tell you all about them if asked!!! Hope that machine shop is the one up the road in Bryan. Last time I was there they had no less than 2 little 750cc prewar MG motors in for rebuild / repairs. Lots of really interesting other stuff always on hand too…like the 10 ft. long crankshaft out front as an attention getter.


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