Caravan to Fall GOF on Friday

For anyone wishing to caravan to Navasota by the back roads, with the MG’s, on Friday morning this week, here is the plan.  We will gather at CyFair High School (use Telge exit off 290) about 8:15 and leave at 8:30 am. We’ll arrive at the hotel about 10 am.  Those participating in the Brenham lunch and ice cream event will leave Navasota at 10:15 am.

If you plan to caravan to Navasota with us, (or meet us on the route),  please let me know.

This is the basic route:

map to navasota

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One Response to Caravan to Fall GOF on Friday

  1. Wayne & Isabel Hardy says:

    I’d love to Convoy to Navasota, but we can’t catch a break from scheduling conflicts between CVAR races and GOFs, and the CVAR schedule is published first.This week we be off to Hallett racetrack up near Tulsa for another fun filled race working weekend. Guess I’ll have to quit working the races if I want to go do MG stuff again. By the way, I saw a nice picture of John Hamilton’s old orange (Great Pumpkin) number 80 racer in the Roars this past week. I hope those MG folks who were in College Station at the races last month took time to talk to John, he’s a neat fellow, with a neat old 1965 race car, MGB. He recently changed jobs and moved to Austin, but before that he lived over south of Jacksonville Fla. and hauled his car 10 or 11 hours to come race with us even though there are 2 race groups that do old cars closer to where he lived. That made him pretty special in my book; that, and the fact that he sold me the 2 old 3 main bearing 1800 MGB blocks that came with his car as spare motor pieces, after he decided to just stay with the added strength of the 5 main motors. His car by the way has been a racer since new and has been run into the ground and risen from the ashes so to speak at least 3 times, so it’s got a history of being used, and used up, and reborn again. Any how, those 2 old motors are now powering 2 MG ZB Magnettes around the area, one up in Tulsa, and the other one is the Black Cherry one in my garage. Anyone need a 1500cc nearly complete motor from a ZB or MGA. Was running when shut down for replacement with the 1800 cc version. Now if I can ever get that cast iron thing to run in and rev more freely, maybe I will be able to enjoy the extra “Big Block” displacement of a stock 1965ish, MGB motor without any bad old smog stuff excepting venting the valve cover vent into the front air cleaner plate.

    Wayne Hardy

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