Roadster of our Past

Back in 1994-95, our son Dennis proudly drove this 1970 MGB to high school on a daily basis.  It is seen here with an after-market hard top.  The boo-boo on the left wing was sustained in the school parking lot!  Den was driving by when a young lady decided to back out without looking.

This split bumper B was last owned by a former President of the Club (Jack Swepston  2007-2008).

dens 73 B

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One Response to Roadster of our Past

  1. jyouens says:

    Wow! I would have proudly driven this to high school too! Instead, I had a ’71 Pinto that was a castoff from my dad. The entire left side had been sideswiped when he bought it. It didn’t matter, it was red and it ran. 🙂 I also learned how to do bodywork to fix the sideswiped panels.

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