Brits on the Bay ~ 2014

Calling all Cars…Calling all MG’s

We have received an invitation to join with friends of Gordon and Fran Smith at the 22nd Annual Brits on the Bay event.  The show is in Pensacola, FL on April 25th and 26th.  Roger and Janet Bailey 1957 MGA 1500 – (you may have met them at the 2013 HMGCC Inaugural Past Presidents Parade and Picnic) have extended the invitation.  More information:

This event is the same weekend as ‘Spring Thing’ but has an allure all its own.

Our Preliminary Plan:

Wednesday, April 23 East on route to be determined…not I-10
Thursday Drive some more and arrive in Pensacola.
Friday Brits on the Bay events
Saturday Brits on the Bay Show and events
Sunday Drive west
Monday, April 28 Arrive in Houston

MG Drivers and Trailers are both welcome.

Please let us know now if you may be interested in joining us. 

Gordon Smith   832.477.4393

Dwight Dawson   832.366.7971

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