MG Taxi

Good Samaritan Barbecue Taxi

If you thought you saw a blaze MGB leave the Christie’s parking lot after the March meeting heading down Greenridge Dr. with a barbeque pit strapped on the luggage rack, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. Good Samaritan Gordon Bard put his trusty B to noble service hauling the pit and its owner from Westheimer to West Park. The lady was inexplicably ROLLING her cooker down the street heading south when Gordon offered to give it and her a ride. Angie waited patiently at Christie’s until the White Knight returned to take her home. Well done Gordon and Angie. Sorry no pictures captured the moment.  Let your imagination roll on this one.  (Gordon, is that chicken grease on your Boot lid?)

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One Response to MG Taxi

  1. jyouens says:

    That is awesome!

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