Poker Run?

No skill needed...

With the 90th anniversary of MG in 2014 groups all over the world are expected to set up road trips that take proud owners from one spot to another, with a driver recording the shortest time considered to be the winner.
However, not everyone would like to drive their MGs hard and fast in a race. Some models, after all, are meant to be enjoyed and not destroyed. In order for these people to still enjoy their vehicles without exposing them to any unnecessary risks, a poker run may be a better option.  TF

What is a Poker Run?

An article in Examiner defines a poker run as an event where people drive from one point to another in succession. At each checkpoint, the driver draws a card from a deck and gets it recorded in his or her time sheet. At the end of the run, a winner is determined by their hand.

There are two things that differentiate it from a typical classic car race. The first distinction is that while drivers move from one place to another, it is not a race.  IMG_0755

A winner will not be determined by the amount of time consumed, but by the cards a driver holds at the end of the run. By allowing participants to take their time, it becomes appealing for just about anyone, including those with rare models like the 1928 MG MK IV recently found in a shed in the United Kingdom.

The second distinction is that there is absolutely no poker skill required to win this event. A winner will be determined by a panel of judges based on specific poker rules. There is no strategy or skill needed, and you don’t have to fight like Antonio Esfandiari did in PartyPoker’s YouTube video of the Premiere League to be the chip leader because getting the right cards is simply a matter of luck. This makes it possible for a person that has never played a day of poker to win the run.

What Else can Help the Event?

While the rules of a poker run may vary from one event to another, some of the more common ones include requiring participants to pay a joining fee. This amount can be added to the prize or may be donated to a charity the group is affiliated with.

Another thing that organizers may want to consider is requiring people to be present during the judging of the cards and when awarding the prizes. This can help minimize any complaints as judging can be shown to be done in an objective and transparent manner.

If you would be willing to coordinate a Poker Run in 2014 for the HMGCC please contact Dave Renner.
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