GT covered with ice cream

GT.BEFPRE GT.AFTERAfter nearly two years’ work, the first two color coats of paint went on our 1968 MGB/GT today. The color is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla a.k.a. Old English White. What a change. Ray Holtzapple has done the body work and painting. Lots of work to go, but we turned the corner today.

Dave and Linda Renner

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4 Responses to GT covered with ice cream

  1. Michael Holloway says:

    You and Ray have worked a terrific restoration. Congratulations on sticking with tne work and best of luck on the work ahead.


  2. Edgar Goldberg says:


    Does anyone have a good place to get my 73 mgb painted? Not looking for concourse quality just a nice job.


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  3. Dave, you still need a few pieces installed to make it to the GOF. How about next Fall?

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