The Last Open Road

elkhart elkhart2Every once in a while, you may enjoy a book that uniquely captures a fantasy.   It may be a story that properly pegs you as you once were, or more likely, as you would like to have been.  Recognition of yourself in the story is all it takes to keep the pages turning. Many publishers rejected this manuscript and erroneously felt there was no market for “car fiction.”

If you have not already read this book, The Last Open Road by Burt Levy, do yourself a favor.  The connections for LBC racers, wannabe racers and sports car fanatics, are numerous.  Its all about a young guy, not yet 20, who learns about foreign sports cars (and much more) in the early 50’s.  He gets to work and play at places like Elkhart Lake, Watkins Glen, and the SOWEGA Races in Georgia.  The frequent references to MG, Allard, Jaguar, Porche, Ferrari, and other lesser known cars, makes this a most entertaining easy read for people like us.  The book was first published in 1994 and has done quite well over the years as we Baby Boomers have refurbished or finally obtained that special sports car of our dreams.  You can order this cult classic  from Amazon or get it quick as I did for the  Kindle for 99 cents.

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4 Responses to The Last Open Road

  1. This is the best use of YouTube that I have ever seen. Its all about the MG TC and it is great entertainment for 47 minutes.

  2. wombat says:

    Old Burt, (B.S.) Levy has 4 other books out too. Two of those are more adventures of Joey Polumbo from the “Last Open Road”. If you buy the book (s) directly from Burt, you can get them autographed and probably get a nice “Last Open Road” Static cling vinyl sticky for your car, and maybe another sticky or two as well. They all read easily, but by far the most fun is his first…Open Road.
    He also really is a decent racer and great ride mooch, springing up everywhere in someone else’s cars. I’ve seen him at College Station, Hallett OK and just 2 weeks ago at Mid Ohio for the vintage races.

  3. jyouens says:

    Yes, I have the book and highly recommend it. I also love the images in your post of proper T-series cars on the track. (Biased toward TCs it appears… as it should be) 🙂

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