Space Center Event ~ Sept. 20


Hope you have all had a great Labour Day weekend!!  Time to start your engines and take-off for an out of this world adventure to Space Center Houston on the 20th of September.

 Flight directions are simple, so exit NASA RT 1 off I-45 South just South of Clear Lake City.  We will meet at the driveway entrance to the Space Center, which is just after the end of the NASA 1 By-pass, on the left.  Look for the BGT V8.  Touchdown time is Noon!!!

 The newest addition is the replica of the shuttle mounted on the 747 transport plane.  It is really neat.  Plan on spending as long as you want. There is a café or bring your lunch and enjoy the picnic area.  I will be checking at our meeting or please call Ray at 713.927.6236 and let me know if I should get you a ticket(s).  With 15 tickets, group tickets are $10.95 each, a 50% discount.

 Plan on coming out and reliving the 60s when some of our cars were new and we all had no worries, except which Astronaut was going into Space next.  PS, there is a Starbucks on NASA RT 1 just down the road from the entrance, for pre-fueling.





Ray Holtzapple

Mobile 713.927.6236

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