TC History Known?

Comment or Question: I’m not an MG owner, but with a bit of luck might be soon. I have discovered a 1948 TC that was brought some 25 years ago into the USA from Australia, has never been titled or registered here, and whose current “keeper” has no documentation. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Was there an MG Car Club member back in the 80s, or is there still a member who has “lost” a TC? I’m trying to trace any ownership documentation, so don’t please all rush forward saying “Its Mine!” without something to back it up, please.

We assume the car is in Houston. If you have ideas you can use the Comment Tool below to reply. Or you can respond to

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2 Responses to TC History Known?

  1. Roger French says:

    Thanks for the tip – I’ll try that.

  2. Rob Ficalora says:

    Can’t help you with IDing it, but I’d get the VIN or other identifying numbers and ask about it on the MG Experience board. Hard to believe a car was imported and not registered for 25 years, so could be stolen from another state. The folks on the MGE might have heard about it if so.

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