Don’t forget traveling essentials

After spending months rebuilding the differential and axle housing, and replacing all bearings, axles, hubs, brake lines, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder, it was time for the test run in Mineola, TX at the fall GoF. The only thing I forgot to check before attempting the afternoon rally was the fuel level.


Photo (plus rescue and gas) by Ron Redding

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4 Responses to Don’t forget traveling essentials

  1. Been there and done that both in the TD and way back when in the 1954 VW standard. Yep the VW had a reserve but you had to turn it back off after using to have that feature available…I had not, and worst of all it was on a rally.

    • jyouens says:

      Yes, we had to bail out of the rally as I also wanted to participate in the country drive to a pottery studio. We still managed to do 3/4 of each run, so it was not in vain (thanks to Ron).

  2. Surprising…since you installed that high tech fuel level indicator device.

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