Club Christmas Party a Past Blast

The nostalgic theme for our Dec. 6 event was MG over the years… in sync with our MG 90 celebration. Many members dressed for the era of their MGs. Gordon Smith MC’d the evening in many important MG characters from Cecil Kimber on forward. After a “vintage” beverage or two, we were served our tasty choice of seafood, beef or chicken with all the trimmings. Table decorations featured octagonal silhouettes of MG models, topping cans of nut/candy treats. A Silent Auction provided many bits of MG memorabilia and useful automotive items. The 2014 Ralph Diebert Award went to Charter Member Frank Glass for his 1937 MG VA Tickford Drophead Coupe.

Winners of other awards included Gordon and Angie Bard, Driver’s Award; David Renner, Presidents Award: Gordon Bard, Broken Crankshaft Award.
Attendees walked away with lots of door prizes.  The best prize, for everyone, was a really fun time with MG friends.


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