MG90 in 2014

Dear fellow MG enthusiasts

The MG90 year is now drawing to a close and the final MG90 event of the year which was the Rob Roy Hillclimb held by MGCC Victoria in Australia has been held and pictures of the event posted to the MG90 Facebook Page.
It does seem a long time since pictures of the first MG90 event of the year – MGCC Toronto’s show at the Canadian International Autoshow back in February – were put on the MG90 Page.
It would be invidious to pick out any highlights – I was constantly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown in all these events for all things MG, and not least by yourselves, my correspondents who have been so generous in sending me photos, videos and links to all these events. Can I thank you all for your contributions to the MG90 Facebook Page. Without them, the Page would have been nothing.
I will be leaving the MG90 Page as it is for reference back for any who need it. So it remains for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and trust that 2015 brings as many enjoyable MG events as did 2014.
And I’ll leave you with a photo of the car which probably started it all – Old Number One taken at Silverstone in the UK this summer.
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One Response to MG90 in 2014

  1. That note was from David Wardell in the UK. He was a coordinator of the MG90 celebration in 2014.

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