January Tech Session



Our first Event of the New Year featured Ray Holtzapple with a stimulating and comprehensive tech session on the ins and outs of MG body restoration.   Over 30 members attended and we welcome their comments and reactions to it all here.  Please use   this feedback tool to fill in the details of the excellent day.

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4 Responses to January Tech Session

  1. Comment on the Tech Session: Once again I was pleased to have all of you visit the shop for this year’s tech session. Great turnout and it was super to see so many MGs at the event. Thank you all for your interest and I wanted to thank Lisa Severson for her discussion on her door fitting adventure. It has been a hoot to have Lisa and Chuck hands on involvement in the restoration of their TF.

    Ray Holtzapple

  2. CustomV8MGB@gmail.com says:

    Did anyone get pics? I want to post some on the club board at the MG Experience.


  3. smithgordond says:

    Was a very informative session. My take away, as I restart my search for an MGB GT V8, find the best body available. The rest is ‘easy’ in Ray’s words 😉

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