70 years ago today

This is from Doug Pelton, of “From the Frame Up”


CECIL KIMBER – Bizarre death 70 years ago today.
Cecil Kimber was killed in the King’s Cross railway accident on Sunday 4 February 1945, having boarded the 6pm express to Leeds. Shortly after leaving the station, the train wheels started slipping on a newly replaced section of rail inside Gasworks Tunnel. However, in the darkness, the driver failed to realize that the train was no longer moving forward and had in fact started to slip back down the hill at a speed of some 6 or 7 mph. A signalman, attempting to avert a collision with another train, switched the points, but unfortunately the train had already slid too far back down the track. The only eScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.01.48 AMffect was to derail the final carriage, forcing it onto its side and crushing it against the steel support of the main signal gantry, entirely demolishing the first-class compartment where Kimber had been sitting. He was one of only two casualties.


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One Response to 70 years ago today

  1. I never knew how bizarre that accident was.

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