Let’s Welcome…

This note from a fellow MG Enthusiast arrived via the Blog.  Let’s plan to welcome Barney  and his son Elliot with our usual Texas Hospitality.  

Name: Barney Gaylord
Email: barneymg@mgaguru.com
Comment or Question: Greetings fellow British car enthusiasts,

My son and I are traveling the country in our MGA (31,000 miles since May 5, 2014), visiting other MG and British car enthusiasts, club meetings, car shows, tour, rally, and whatever may be happening on the British car scene.   We are also fixing cars as we go, mostly things to get cars running and tuned up to be road worthy, occasionally significantly more.

I found your web site, and am trying to find out what might be going on in Texas these days.   There may be a meeting n March 4?   Is there anything else going on in Texas in the near future?  Does anyone have a phone number or street address?

We are currently in Abbeville, LA, headed for Port Arthur (just for starters).  Our schedule is currently wide open, and we expect to be touring in Texas for a few weeks.  Would anyone in your club be interested in a visit?  Follow our follies here: http://mgaguru.com/mobile

Barney and Elliot Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude
3000+ web pages of tech info for MGs
Also webmaster for Chicagoland MG Club
Phone: 630-946-3841

Time: February 28, 2015 at 12:10 pm



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2 Responses to Let’s Welcome…

  1. Susan says:

    Did you respond to him with the information about our March meeting? Or does someone still need to do that?

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