The Old Iron Works

A member comment:

Name: G. Wayne Hardy
Comment or Question: On the April 16 – 19 weekend we participated in the Antique Auto Club of America’s Texas tour event, this time based in Tomball TX. Yes it rained, but not for the car show on Sat. Only one old car didn’t start and that was a pure mechanical ailment not associated with moisture or flooded roads..a 1918 track racer Maxwell had a carb jet fall out. One thing we came across worthy of mention was an auto restoration shop up in Montgomery, just west of Conroe called the Old Iron Works. The owner, Richard Mitchell specializes in Stutzes from the prewar period. Amazing cars on display and under restoration including a 20s vintage Stutz LeMans racer being restored for track duty on the Vintage race circuit. They even have an old all aluminum block and head 14,000cc tank engine on a stand that they’ll run for you just for laughs.
This place is worth a drive for a visit on any weekend outing, and yes they do welcome visits from the public. Google them up and get the address and other info. You won’t be sorry you took the time. 

Wayne, you are right about that.  If you search Old Iron Works on our Blog you will see a bit on our November 2012 event at that place.  A good reminder…thanks.  

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One Response to The Old Iron Works

  1. Isabel and Wayne Hardy says:

    Dwight; Guess I missed that write up, sure didn’t know that place was up there and sure was impressed. By the way have you ever visited the Gullo auto collection up just north of Tomball. About 250 cars of all shapes and sizes, and again worth the drive up from Houston.

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