Salado GOF Caravan

If you are traveling to the GOF on Friday, May 8, please consider this  Caravan.

Mike and Stephanie Woodward (and others) will depart at 9:00 a.m. on Friday at the gas station at the 1488 exit off I-290.  They will be taking the backroads to Salado and stopping for lunch along the way.  With questions or to be included, contact Mike Woodward.  A map of the planned route is included here.

Wildwood to Salado maps via backroads   (for a map download)

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2 Responses to Salado GOF Caravan

  1. jyouens says:

    If you would like to go up on Thursday morning (using the same route) contact me. (John Youens)

  2. Bob says:

    Anyone going up Thursday. We are leaving around 11am.

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