A Soggy but Fun 2015 Spring GoF

On Thursday, May 7th, Nancy and I had to make a hard decision. Drive the TC up my favorite back roads to Salado, or load it up and trailer it. One final check with Intellicast Weather, and we decided to pack it into the trailer.

It was a pleasant and uneventful drive to Salado and surprisingly, we had only a few sprinkles along the way. We received a call about an hour outside of Salado from our super innkeeper, Will Lowery, to confirm our arrival time. By the time we were ready to unpack, our room was ready for us.

Check in at a GoF is always a fun time to see old friends and meet new ones in the Texas MG world. This year the GoF was sponsored by the “Tarrant County Breakfast Club” (a.k.a. Greg Poffenbarger, Melana Maxie, Don Browning, Jim and Linda Curzan, Eric Welty, Susan Seifker, and Stu and Cindy Bauman). After check-in we drove over to the Salado Wine Sellers with Ron Redding for a wine tasting and social event. This event was sponsored and paid for by Mike and Sheryl Mann, and Randy Zimmerman. We met the guest of honor, John Twist, at the wine tasting and he appeared to be truly enjoying both the Texas hospitality and the Texas wine.

After the wine tasting we met at Johnny’s BBQ in Salado for a great movie and music trivia party hosted by Stu and Cindy Bauman. Gordon Smith, you would have loved it! Our table won the grand prize although I won’t say whether or not small, black electronic devices loaded with the proper apps enabled this.

Friday morning kicked off with a great breakfast at the inn, and then on to the Poker Rally. At each checkpoint participants received a card and had the opportunity to get bonus cards by winning “feats of skill” contests. These included lawn darts, beanbag toss, and ladder toss. A great time was had by all, and with 10 decks of cards used, the scoring was amazingly high.

Friday evening events ranged from pizza and games under the oak trees at the Stagecoach Inn to an evening at Alexander’s Distillery. The after party at the distillery was memorable, and as they say; “what happens at the distillery, stays at the distillery” unless it happens to be posted on Twitter.

The car show on Saturday was graced by nice weather and we had an excellent turnout. After the show, John Twist gave a demonstration on how to tune SU carburetors and even worked on a few cars. Luckily, I was able to get John to tune the TC and set the mixture properly. He also gave me a few tips on keeping the vapor lock demons at bay.

The awards banquet that evening had an abundance of auction items and laughs. The big surprise of the evening came when my TC was voted “Show Favorite”. This was a great end to an enjoyable weekend.

John Youens

DSC07463 DSC07466 copy DSC07467 DSC07471 DSC07474 DSC07476 DSC07480 DSC07481 IMG_5880 IMG_5890 IMG_5936

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