2015 Spring GoF Show Results

The Spring Gathering of the Faithful was once again held at The Venue in Salado, Texas.  There were 58 cars in the show, which was a great turnout with the threatening weather.  Fortunately, the weather during the show day was very pleasant.  The show awards went to the following recipients:


           1st Place – 1952 MG TD, Light Blue, Tom Luin (promoted to Octagon ofHonor)

           2nd Place – 1952 MG TD, Black, Ron Redding

            3rd Place – 1974 MGB, Aconite, Frank & Debbie Kopec


            1st Place – 1939 MG TB, Red, Tim & Joan Bloomfield


            1st Place – 1952 MG TD, Ivory, Bobby Galvez

            2nd Place – 1952 MG TD, Ivory, Jack & Sandra Thomason


            1st Place – 1954 TF, Red, Talley & Alice Bell

 MGA Roadster

            1st Place – 1959 MGA, Blue, Mark Dement

            2nd Place – 1957 MGA, Glacier Blue, Clay & Diane Sawyer

            3rd Place – 1961 MGA, Olde English White, Don & Dottie Lantz

 MGA Coupe

            1st Place – 1958 MGA Coupe, Mineral Blue, Bill & Carolyn Stewart

 MGB Chrome Bumper

            1st Place – 1972 MGB, Red, Eric & Beverly Van Note

            2nd Place – 1972 MGB, Aqua, Bob & Kim Chalker

            3rd Place – 1967 MGB, Green, Ken & Marsha Hayes

            4th Place – 1967 MGB, Red, Pete & Theresa Hottenstein


            1st Place – 1975 MGB GT, White, Derek Schwartz

 MGB Rubber Bumper

            1st Place – 1980 MGB, Inca Yellow, Rick & Carol Aguado

            2nd Place – 1980 MGB, White, Jimmy Lawrence (original owner)

            3rd Place – 1982 MGB LE, Black, Heyward & Marsha Green

            4th Place – 1980 MGB LE, Black, Hank & Lana Largey

            5th Place – 1980 MGB, White, Ken & Kay Bell

 MGC Roadster

            1st Place – 1968 MGC, Red, Danny & Georganne Allen


            1st Place – 1969 MGC GT, Black, Roger & Kaye Sykes

 Midget Rubber Bumper

            1st Place – 1976 MG Midget, Blue, Brandon Leshock

 MG Variant

            1st Place – 1980 MG V8, Dark Silver, Ralph & Fay Ratta

            2nd Place – 1959 MGA, Olde English White, Duane & Jimmi Peterson

            3rd Place – 1968 MGB GT V8, Bronze Yellow, Barry Glass

 MG Special

            1st Place – 1964 MG Magnette, Connaugh Green, Steve & Marilyn Fitch

 Octagon of Honor cars on display

            1947 MG TC, British Racing Green, John & Nancy Youens

            1967 MGB, White, Tom & Nancy Harrison

            1959 MGA, White, Danny & Georganne Allen

            1979 MGB V8, British Racing Green Metallic, Wayne & Vickie Kube

 Show Favorite – 1949 MG TC, British Racing Green, John & Nancy Youens

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2 Responses to 2015 Spring GoF Show Results

  1. jyouens says:

    Yep, that’s what I get for a quick cut and paste. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to all the HMGCC winners. It must have been tough; I see that Youens TC aged two years during the event.

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