Breakfast at EATS

eats1Food and MGs are synonymous.

On Saturday morning early, 12 members made the trip to EATS on Hempstead.  There was nothing important left undiscussed.  And no one left hungry.

Driving their MGs were:

John & Nancy Youens, 1947 MGTC

Greg Fleischer, 1971 MGB

Bob Chalker, 1972 MGB

Gordon Bard, 1973 MGB

Ray Holtzapple, 1974 MGBGT V8

(and it was a Drivers Award mileage Event!)

Arriving in other vehicles were: Gordon and Fran Smith and Velma, Dave Renner, Harvey Rutstein, and Dwight Dawson.

Who will sponsor the next  such  event in their neighborhood?  

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4 Responses to Breakfast at EATS

  1. Rob Ficalora says:

    Sounds like a great time – wish I could have made it. I spent 8hrs on Saturday and about another 8 on today replacing the evaporator on my son’s Jeep Wrangler. According to a YouTube video, the entire dash had to come off to get to it. Replaced the evap but also noticed the heater core was basically brand new. And when whoever did that, they broke the top of the evap box and one of the mounting studs. I spent a few hours repairing the box with reinforcing metal and then fiberglass before I could put it back together! Got the dash back in but ran out of time so will be replacing the drier and re-charging the system tomorrow. Would way rather have met y’all for breakfast! At least it looks like the weather will be good, so driving the MG to work tomorrow.

  2. Susan Cannon says:

    I don’t recall this being mentioned at a meeting. It was my understanding that Driver’s Club events had to be officially announced at meetings. No?

  3. jyouens says:

    That was a fun event, and simple too! We should do this more often.

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