Knock, knock

Our long-time Member Warner Banes wrote a great article that was published in the Sept. 2001 ROARS.  The truth deserves repeating.

Newton 1962 MGA Mk IIbanes

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4 Responses to Knock, knock

  1. jyouens says:

    Darrell, I use standard wheel bearing grease on mine. I’m pretty sure Warner used the same.

  2. Darrell M says:

    Wonderful D, thank you for sharing, timeless information.
    He makes note that the “Wheel Hub and Spline are properly lubricated”, what is the current lubrication of choice? Standard grease as in used in gun ?

  3. Pete Newton says:

    I have been driving this MGA for 8 years and I check the knockoffs often. These are the original knockoffs and axels (1962). The knockoffs have a few dings on them from the 5# hammer, but most dings were there when I obtained the car. Sure hope they continue to hold! The car was in sad shape when I picked it up, so sad it had a tree growing out of the drivers side. We cut the tree and fell it out of the drivers side, lifted the car off of the stump and brought it home, aprox. 10 years ago. It has been under restoration every sense.

  4. jyouens says:

    Yes, before every long drive I check the torque on my knockoffs on the TC. Maybe this was from Warner’s teaching when I first got the TC.

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