Texas MG Register in Tyler

The 40th Anniversary of the founding of the TMGR was celebrated as part of the Fall GOF in Tyler last weekend.  The many sub-events and planning that was done for the 3 day event were exceptional.  Briefly, they included a 90 mile tour on delicious MG roads in the area.  On this, there was a stop at the Viper Pit… a collection of more than 80 gorgeous Dodge Vipers, a very fine Eagles Bluff Country Club buffet lunch, and the American Freedom Museum.  A Friday night 40th celebration party was next, on the peaceful country property of Danny and Georgeann Allen.  Their various collector autos were on display to complement the BBQ dinner and an extensive private fireworks show.  (That included a pre-arranged preventative firefighter brigade since the area has been on a burn-ban status.)  On Saturday, the 80 or so MGs from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and elsewhere, wound their way to the staging area for a mile-long parade as part of the town’s 82nd Rose Festival.  The club’s customary Fall Show was held on the Tyler town square along with other Rose Festival events.  For the willing and hardy, a competitive gimmick rally followed the show.  The awards banquet at the host hotel completed the weekend except for the Sunday morning departure routine.DSC_1938

As most everyone knows, while the MGs are a common bond, it is the people we meet and spend time with on these events that is the primary gift.  I was reminded that the camaraderie of multi-day events always provides the opportunity to really get to know people and nourish life-long friendships.  Everyone should strive for such a trip with their MG every once in a while.  Actually driving your MG (577 miles for me) is not always required, but it sure gives  you a chance to think on how great it is to be part of the World of MG.

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2 Responses to Texas MG Register in Tyler

  1. Dan Asbury says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post an update on the event.

  2. jyouens says:

    A great write up! It was a fun event and you are so right; the people are the greatest thing about an event like this.

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