Saturday Breakfast?

The Triumph Club has been making good use of their site to arrange events.  We will likely create our own site for the HMGCC soon.  To get a head-start, you can join and FIND the Texas Triumph Register group.  As a bonus, many of the TTR driving events will also show up there.  There is no cost for individuals to join; and you will get automatic emails when new events are posted on that site.  Of few of us already plan to attend the Nov. 14 breakfast, as below.  Will you join us with your MG?

  • Midtown Bar & Grill

    415 West Gray Street, Houston, TX (map)

  • This week we are back in town at the Midtown Bar & Grill – one of our favorite spots – at 415 West Gray in Houston ph 713-528-2887.
    The group gathers around 8:00 a.m. and orders breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Confirm breakfast location on web the day before the event. Thanks to Russ Seto for selecting interesting destinations.

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2 Responses to Saturday Breakfast?

  1. You might need to increase the “distance” to 50 miles to FIND the TTR, depending on where you live.

  2. jyouens says:

    Starting a Meetup group for the MG Club is a great idea! I just joined up online. Let’s try out an MG outing on Meetup soon!

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