The Project Car Terminators

We are posting this article at the suggestion of Member Dave Renner.

Project Car Terminators

Anyone can order a free sample issue of the magazine at

Tim Suddard
Grassroots Motorsports magazine
Classic Motorsports magazine
Phone: (386) 239-0523 • Fax: (386) 239 0573
915 Ridgewood Avenue
Holly Hill, FL 32117


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2 Responses to The Project Car Terminators

  1. Jim, I guess you need to tell the story of the 1955 Thunderbird…

  2. Jim Early says:

    Over the years I had a few flat-V-8’s and while many parts were readily available many were nearly impossible to obtain. Try for instance to buy a reconditioned original 1932 engine, good water pump, a repairable carburetor, or even something as simple as a vacuum wiper motor. We are fortunate with our MG’s that the model runs are long and parts are often interchangeable.
    To see good cars and parts wasted is a tragedy. There was junkyard in central Texas that specialized in American cars from the 20’s through the 50’s. When the man died his wife sold racks of engines, bins o fenders, etc for the scrap value. I still have nightmaresabout it.
    Then there is the story of the 1955 Thunderbird… “There’s a million stories in the big city”

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