45th Anniversary Party AND Spring Thing


In 1971, a group of MG enthusiasts in Houston, worked together to create a vintage car club.  On Saturday, April 30, the current members of the club will gather to celebrate the act of that small group, and to continue the pledge made to honor the MG marque and to keep it thriving in the Houston area and across Texas.  Among the attendees will likely be  Frank Glass, Dean Kring and Joe Lopez.  This trio was part of that founding group in 1971.  Our Founder, Nick Nichols, passed away some years ago.

In the morning just before the 45th party, the club will enjoy another Spring Thing; this MG-only informal show, will be staged at the same venue as the banquet. Falcon Point Country Club is very near the Katy Mills Mall near I-10 and the Grand Parkway. A map will be provided as we get closer to April.

For a printable registration form, just click on the link below.


MG Spring Thing IX – Registration


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One Response to 45th Anniversary Party AND Spring Thing

  1. Joan Carr says:

    Len and I hope to attend the anniversary party at Falcon Point. How do we do that?

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