Not Getting Rooked


You will see a new ad for this MG on the Classified page. But I thought regular visitors should see the long, uncut version too.  You can tell your MG-envy friends about it.  

For your consideration is a lively 1979 MGB MkIV “Sebring” style convertible – a perfect, usable classic car for taking your top off and having some fun in the sun. Easy to operate and maintain, this MG provides a great experience for the driving enthusiast and/or electrical engineer. 4-speed with the highly sought after – and highly practical – factory electronic overdrive (effectively a 5-speed transmission), light, lithe suspension and direct throttle response gives the driver a direct connection to the road. The same steering was used for Carroll Shelby’s Cobras and Daytona Coupes. This car was made for the driving enthusiast! This particular car has enjoyed several enhancements and upgrades, many of which are listed here:

– No electrical issues

– Lightweight aluminium wheels

– DGV downdraft Weber carb

– Headers

– New carpet throughout interior

– New trunk carpeting

– AAA familiar with car & where to attach tow hook

– Christie’s familiar with car & what kind of beer it likes

– Engine and Transmission rebuilt 2007

– New cooling system w. stainless steel hoses

– Radio delete

– Dead cat hole is dead-cat-free

– New convertible top with zipper rear window

– 5-pt racing harness, driver & passenger seats

– Constant thumbs-up from other drivers, pedestrians

– Sundry spares/minor parts (all fit within 1 box)


– Small paint crack near front of bonnet/hood

– Paint flaked on bottom front valance

– Potholes on Houston streets

– Radio antennae hole visible

– Crack on dash cover, driver side mirror

– Everyone will ask “what year is it” then ask “what is it?”

– No interior door panels (but expensive top rails and door pulls are included)

– Original factory seats show 37 years of wear, but L’Oreal has some products that can remove wrinkles and wipe away the years.

Maintenance is very easy on this car – just make an annual trip to Skip or Ron – and parts can be sourced affordably. This MGB is a great platform to take vintage racing, or just enjoy the occasional track day and weekend drive in the country.  It handles rush hour traffic admirably and runs on the highway with little effort. Engine has rarely been above 3,000 rpm. Currently gets driven 1-2 times weekly, to maintain seals, keep everything lubricated, and get vitamin D. This particular MGB was the subject of a Dave Renner original painting, and thus will be a future Smithsonian exhibit (original painting not for sale).

Car is sold with “1-minute, 1-mile (whichever comes first)” full coverage warranty. 3rd Owner parting ways after 15 years because of expanding family.

HMGCC Member-Only price of $8,500

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