45th Anniversary and Spring Thing

We gather on Saturday, April 30 for our 45th Anniversary party and the Spring Thing.  The address for the event is 24503 Falcon Point Drive, Katy, TX.

Cars in place by 10am at the Tennis Courts Depart at 1pm for the Country Club (two blocks) and the 45th Anniversary Celebration.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 4.33.43 PM

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2 Responses to 45th Anniversary and Spring Thing

  1. David Matthews says:

    Dwight, Thanks,   looking forward to it.   Getting mine all spit and polished !  FYI,   saw 4 great MG’s at this weekend 21st Keels & Wheels including a historical racing Midget from the 1930’s  Also saw a AH Sprite from 1964;  single original owner had it there !   It won a prize as did  a beautiful red MGA  Winners will be posted to the K&W web site in 2-3 more days.  David J. Matthews

  2. C. Dean Kring says:

    Count me in for 2 please, for the luncheon: C. Dean Kring and Yvonne Ybarra.

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