No Upholstery, lots of Black Labrador


We learned today that the Westside Upholstery place has had to cancel.  

On Saturday, May 21, we will  NOT meet at 10:00 a.m. at Westside Upholstery for an informative session on car upholstery, including soft tops, headliners, door cards, carpet etc. and then a session on how to detail a car.   1467 Brittmore.  This is just west of Tollway 8 and north of I-10 on the west side of Houston.

We will then take the short drive over to The Black Labrador at 4100 Montrose Boulevard for lunch at noon with MG hospitality and rumor has it, Old Speckled Hen will be available.  If you absolutely cannot meet us at Westside Upholstery, you can still join us at the Black Labrador.

SO INSTEAD, LET’S MEET AT THE BLACK LABRADOR AT 11 AM AND ENJOY A PROPER BRITISH LUNCH ABOUT 11:30 AM.  If you arrive by 11 a.m. the front parking lot may be wide open.  Otherwise, plan to park in the parking building behind.

4100  Montrose Boulevard, rain or shine.


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