Old Iron Works

It was another hot Saturday event, in every respect.  Events Coordinator Mike Woodward put this “once again” event together and attracted about 40 participants.  With an early start for some, at The Eats for breakfast, the 50 miles to and from Houston was a little uncomfortable in the open MG.  But the Old Iron Works was delightful with its many very distracting Classic autos to enjoy in their various states of Pebble Beach quality restoration.  The 1931 Stutz  “Durham” was likely the rarest we saw.  The Blaze convertible in the photos above is one of only two known to exist today.

Our lunch at the Cozy Grape was super as well, with a fanned and misted private Porch.


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One Response to Old Iron Works

  1. Dave Terry says:


    Thank you for organizing this event. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone.


    Sent from my iPhone so this message was probably brief and likely misspellled.

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