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Cream Crackers
The Texas MG Register’s Fall Gathering of the Faithful will be in San Marcos, TX, October 6th-9th, 2016.

Registration starts on Thursday afternoon. There will be dinners on Thursday and Friday preceded by scenic drives. The lunch on Friday will also have a scenic drive be followed by a visit to the Old Kingsbury Aerodrome and Texas Mead Works.
On Saturday morning all the vehicles entered in the car show will drive to Dick’s Classic Garage where after the show lunch will be served. In the afternoon, there will be a rallye for those interested. The Saturday dinner, awards show and auction will also be at Dick’s Classic Garage.
An additional activity will be the opportunity to ride in an AT-6 aircraft at the Commemorative Air Force Centex Wing at the San Marcos Airport.if at least 5 people register for $295 for approximately a half hour flight.
The theme of this Fall GoF is Cream Crackers, the name of the M.G. Works Team when the factory fielded a team in trails competition.
For Fall GoF registration, hotel data and other information about this event go to
Frank Kopec
TMGR PR Coordinator
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