Pub Wandering, Sept. 17

image003It will soon be September and we all hope the skies are going to be bright since the weather is usually perfect to enjoy your MG.

Bring your classic British Sports Car – MG – for a tour of Rice Village and a taste of Ireland.

We will ‘meet up again’ at 11:00 AM Saturday September 17th at Gorgeous Gael, 5555 Morningside Dr. and sample some classic Irish pub offerings.  After lunch of Fish and Chips, Bangers or for the less hardy, a Burger, you could stay for a football game that should start around 1 PM.

Parking for MGs will be available in front of the Pub, with more parking in the garage, just a short walk away. We will be leaving the Pub about 1 and for those ready for a short wandering – we will stop by at the British Isles gift shop and Savory Spice, a really neat place to visit!!

Please RSVP to Ray at or Gordon at by the 15th.  Or you can RSVP using the listing.  

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One Response to Pub Wandering, Sept. 17

  1. Susan Cannon says:

    CAUTION!! There is a lovely jewelry place called Esquivel and Fees that make “jewelry for people who love pets” in the same strip mall as the British Isles gift shop. If you stop there, you will be enticed to spend loads of money on their beautiful items!!! Avert your eyes, use a different route! You have been warned!! 🙂

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