Any tech help for Mike?

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Text: Hi guys:
I am replacing both quarter-light vent assemblies on my 1980 LE. The RH was up first. LH has been easier. Go figure. I wiggled the RH vent assembly in, tightened the bottom bracket, tighten the vent posts and finally, after loosening the window lifter and more wiggling, tightened the two door to vent assembly bolts. Now the windscreen frame moves forward slightly when the door close and the secured vent assembly nestles against the windscreen. How much windscreen movement is acceptable?

Michael Holloway

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2 Responses to Any tech help for Mike?

  1. Shouldn’t really be moving the windshield just butting up against it snugly. Need to re adjust the angle of your vent window assembly.

  2. Rob Ficalora says:

    Mike – windshield frame should not move at all. If interested, send me An email @ with your contact info and I can talk you through how I’d go about getting things lined up.

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