Dosey Doe and MGs too.

Quarterly Breakfast, 11/19 at Dosey Doe Cafe in Conroe

21 hearty souls and 10 MG’s braved the Fall’s first serious cold front for breakfast in the Far North. While 3 purists froze in open TC’s, you could tell who had not driven their MG— there were the folks in shorts. MG’s in attendance included two TC’s, one TF, six B’s and one C GT. Guess who was most comfortable in the cockpit.  (that would be Roger in the C GT.)
 The event was nearly hamstrung by last minute reservations issues (the original Manager who took the reservations weeks ago took poor notes and was no longer employed there) and last minute fencing of most of the “dedicated parking area”, but the hungry persevered and found the venue and parking. One lucky soul managed to lose his TF steering right in front of the Cafe. That could have been a tragedy on the open road. The Lord looks after fools and MG drivers.  (and this provided ANOTHER contestant for the Broken Crankshaft Award.)
As the reservations issue was being resolved, the Club received an invitation to hold our next area breakfast at the Dosey Doe “Big Barn”. They are located on the I 45 feeder, just a bit south of Woodlands Parkway, with a perfectly sized parking lot right on the feeder. Their Manager offered to close that lot completely for the Club. Sounds like a winner for next Spring.
Stay Warm out there!
Roger Sykes 

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