MGA Danny Savitzky

From David Renner:
Late Sunday evening I read the following upsetting message posted on the Facebook page of our MG friend Danny Savitzky . Many of us met Danny when he became involved with the Houston MG Car Club and exhibited his beautifully patinated MGA at our car shows. Danny’s car is a driver and Danny has enjoyed it for many years. Danny is also an extraordinary bicycle builder and a very giving person. All of this makes his posting more difficult to read. He allowed me to share it with the MG community. Our best wishes go out to Danny and his lovely wife Helen. Safety fast my friend.


Friends, I have some bad news to share. This year I turned 50 and so got my first colonoscopy. What should have been a quick in and outlook look around did not go as planned. 
As I’ve always said, ” When man makes plans, God laughs!” And so it was… the doctors found a tumor, that tumor turned out to be malignant. Then the CT scan found more in the abdomen. (Also malignant) and thus I’ve gone from the specimen of health to having stage IV colon cancer. I’m in the best of hands with amazing doctors. My wife, Helen, is so strong and is my rock. I will start chemo next week and hope for a result back from immuno tests that may have a more targeted chemo regimen to follow. Please keep me in your thoughts and get tested!
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2 Responses to MGA Danny Savitzky

  1. C. Dean Kring Member #2 says:

    We’re with you, Danny!

  2. Like everything else, you were aggressive on getting the first test. Well done! Now carry on and get ‘er done. We are with you.

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