The Broken Crankshaft


As the most recent recipient of the Alan Rayne Memorial Trophy, aka the Broken Crankshaft Award, I want to shed light on what this is about.  I asked Club Veterans Wayne and Dixie Moore to recall what they know for our newer members.

“In the very early days of the Club, early 1970’s, Member Alan Rayne was driving back to Houston from Beaumont in his MG, probably a TD.  Somewhere west of the Trinity River he felt the crankshaft break. The engine continued to run on two cylinders and he slowly drove back to Houston and left the car with Nick Nichols (our Club Founder) to be repaired. 

Nick saved the broken crankshaft, had it mounted, and it became the Alan Rayne Memorial Trophy.  It has been awarded each year since to the member of our club who experienced the worst mechanical luck (or sometimes stupidity) with his or her MG during the year.  (Mary Thompson  and Marilyn Brett were winners.)  Interestingly enough, the “Memorial” trophy was named for Alan who was at that time still very much still alive. 

Since 1972, the 13.8  pound traveling trophy has been awarded 33 times.  6 members have won it twice including: Charles Wiggens, Pat McPherson, David Griffith, Ande Courtin,  Gordon Smith and Roger Sykes. Winning it first in 1972 was Dana Childress.  Even our Founder Nick Nichols won it, in 1990.

Be optimistic, you too may be a future award winner.  It only takes driving your MG with abandon.  It almost always is awarded to a true MG Driver.  I am proud to have won it in 2016 with a failed alternator and broken throttle cable, on the same trip to and from San Marcos for the Fall GOF.

Dwight Dawson, Member since 1992.  



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