From the President, 2015-2016

As we prepare to sing Auld Lang Syne…

Members of Houston MG Car Club,

As we prepare to sing Auld Lang Syne and bid farewell to 2016 and greet 2017 with great expectations, I wish to convey my deepest gratitude to the membership for honoring me with two terms as President of the Houston MG Car Club.  It wasn’t that long ago (2006) that Fran and I moved to Houston (Sugar Land) with our 1964 MGB roadster REGI and became members of HMGCC.  I soon joined the BOD and it seems that overnight I was nominated for the first two year term as President (2011-2012).  The years and miles have gone by quickly, but the excitement of membership, comradery and giving back never wanes.

We have continued to grow the club by both membership and activities.  We celebrated the 40th and 45th Anniversaries in grand style – including the 2011 Presidents Social ‘Flash-Back to 1971’.  In 2011 we added the HMGCC Drivers Award and have experienced an appropriate increase in driving events and drivers.  We are now starting a new phase and experimenting with ‘satellite’ events in the Woodlands to solidify a new core of members to the North….Great Start Mike Gentry.

In 2015 we learned of music and movies which had direct ‘links’ to MGs.  Love Story, Pillow Talk, Austin Powers Man of Intrigue and even Blazing Saddles (an MGB in the beginning and an MGB GT in the final scene)…

In 2016 we focused on Making Memories during the 45th Anniversary Year that would be on our minds during the 50th Anniversary in 2021.  We certainly accomplished that and will continue in 2017 and beyond.

We also experienced losses in 2016 and wish to express our sympathies to the families of members who have passed and other family members who have passed.

My success as President could only be achieved with the help of the other elected officers, BOD members, volunteer directors and all of the behind the scenes volunteers.  I thank them all and look forward to assisting the new slate of officers and BOD members in 2017.

Looking forward, I want to congratulate the newly elected officers and BOD members:

Susan Cannon – President (2017-2018)

Keith Cannon – Vice President (2017-2018)

Les Bujko – Treasurer (2016-2017 continuing)Karen Hallett (2016-2017 continuing)

Don Lantz BOD (2017-2018)

Jim Early BOD (2017-2018)

Candy Dawson BOD (2016-2017 continuing)

Ron Redding BOD (2016-2017 continuing)

Dan Asbury BOD (2016-2017 continuing)

Finally, Fran and I ‘extend a hand to you all’, look forward to sharing a ‘good-will draught’ for Auld Lang Syne – and wish you all a Happy New Year.


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One Response to From the President, 2015-2016

  1. Thank you Gordon (and Fran) for your leadership and extensive efforts over the past 2 years! The Club is stronger than ever for it.

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