Historical Find

Our Club was formed in 1971.  Two of these dash plaques are from that year.  A kind LBC fan found them in a garage sale and send them to us.

The Auto Activities Club of Houston seems to have been busy in the same era.  We have a good number of dash plaques that they provided for various events.  If anyone (Derek?  Frank?) can recall history about them, please use our ASK US tab to send it in.


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2 Responses to Historical Find

  1. Brian Daly says:

    We had a lot of fun because of the Blue Laws. Autocrosses were very common…every 2 to 3 months. I remember one passer by entered his bright yellow Dodge Superbee. That 440 Six Pack made so much smoke and noise, ripping up pylons yet dead last or near dead last. He was getting trounced by Corvettes….like that one “Crazy Ron” character with his nickname on his car.

  2. Ed Rosenquist says:

    Dwight, I have the one in the upper right. The Concours on 11/71 I believe was held in the Sears parking lot at Memorial City on a Sunday. The blue laws were still in effect so we had the whole lot to yourselves. We also held other events on the Sears lot on Sundays.

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