Conroe Meet and Greet -Jan. 8

Mike Gentry organized a very cool first club outing for 2017.  As a North satellite event, it included members and non-members from the north, south and in between.  The venue was B-52 Brewery in Conroe.  The  temps in the 40’s made the fire pit very popular.   23 LBCs and over 48 attendees enjoyed craft beers and wine and a very tasty menu from a well-known rolling food vendor.  We will likely be there again soon.  North events are always open to all club members..look for more.  They involve more driving but the trip is worth it as we will see new roads and venues.  As one north member quipped, “now you know how it feels for us to drive into Houston”  for events.


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3 Responses to Conroe Meet and Greet -Jan. 8

  1. Ray says:

    Great event and driving there was a real treat. Looking forward to more North events. Thanks Mike for hosting it.

  2. jyouens says:

    Great event! Thanks to Mike Gentry and all those who helped make this a success. As an added bonus, I found out that the 20 miles back to my house from B-52 is almost all beautiful backroads. I’m filing that away for a future road trip.

  3. Rob says:

    Sounds like a great time. Sorry I missed it! I had to fix a sprinkler system backflow prevention valve that ruptured from the freeze.

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